Food Banks

Not every Food Bank has the same product needs.  A&J Global focuses on supporting as many programs: backpack, summer feeding, on-site feeding, and standard agency needs as we can.

A&J Global Foods also have the ability to supply Food Banks of any size.  We offer both bulk and retail ready product direct from world class manufacturers and suppliers.  Our main focus is to provide product with most nutrition with competitive prices.

We recognize that without great knowledge of specific customer needs, our job would not be complete.  A&J Global dedicates as much time as possible to attending conferences, contacting customers, visiting customer facilities, and exploring each customer’s websites and social networks.

Correctional Centers

A&J Global Foods has over 75 years of combined experience servicing correctional centers.  As a member of the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates since 2006, we strive to provide food purveyors with quality products that fit each customer’s needs.

Secondary Grocery Market

Utilizing our 20 years of manufacturer direct relationships to provide retail outlets with the most diverse and price driven products.  Our team of buyers develop sustainable relationships that help keep your shelves filled.  We have the unique ability to offer frozen and dry grocery in full load or LTL quantities.


  • Product Quality
  • Nutritional Product
  • Name Brand Product
  • Complete Product Information (nutritional, ingredients, label, pictures, pack size, etc.)
  • Dependability and Accurate Deliveries
  • Timely Communication Response

Subway Chicken

A DNA researcher at Trent University Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory tested the meat and found that the "oven-roasted chicken" was only 57 percent chicken, while the "chicken strips" contained only 43 percent chicken. The rest of the meat was made up of mostly soy.